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Thank you for your interest in representing Lefebvre Photography as a passionate and positive Brand Ambassador! When applying for a Brand Ambassador position you are agreeing to the following rules.

Brand Ambassador Rules:

  1. An ambassador assists customers by answering questions and directing them to correct information/links/websites. An ambassador helps motivate the customer to make a purchase. As a brand ambassador you also agree to uphold the reputation of our brand as well as being a positive influence and embracing body positivity for all women. An ambassador’s work is always aimed at the benefit of the client and the brand.

  2. An ambassador always uses their full name and true identity.

  3. An ambassador always declares their affiliation with our brand. All social media posts must have the hashtag #brandambassador at the top of each post in the description.

  4. An ambassador is not allowed to work for competing companies at the same time.

  5. An ambassador does their best to know about our products and services.

  6. An ambassador may not publicly compare the Lefebvre Photography brand or service to any other products, or services. You are not allowed to disparage the product or service of another brand or advertiser, either directly or indirectly.

  7. An Ambassador shall follow rules and instructions for social media posts. An ambassador will be required to make a minimum of 6-12 posts per year related to the brand across all social media platforms.

  8. An ambassador follows the rules and terms of use for the particular social network they are using.

  9. An ambassador must have a strong and active social following on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter and/or LinkedIn

  10. An ambassador must record and report all their activities related to work for the brand.

  11. You must be available during to week (morning or early afternoon) to complete your session(s)

  12. Must live in Rhode Island or have a large social following in Rhode Island

Brand Ambassador Perks:

  1. You will receive 1-2 complimentary sessions, including digitals, per year (not including professional hair & makeup). Professional Hair & Makeup can be added for $150.

  2. You will receive 20% off any additional sessions/products booked throughout the year

  3. You will earn a $100 cash commission for every client booking that you successfully refer.

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Please submit a RECENT (1) full length and (1) headshot. Image must be clear and visible. Please send to Dhlefebvre@me.com