About Our Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

I started out photographing newborn sessions in my home studio. And while there is something so sweet and perfect about a squishy, sleepy, newborn baby, bundled up in a basket (believe me I am a sucker for these), I felt the need to re-evaluate my approach for a couple of reasons. First, our style of photography (even when shooting weddings) has always been first and foremost, documentary style. I always strive to do as little posing as possible, capturing the natural and authentic interactions between my subjects, but always giving minor direction (when necessary). So for me, having to photograph a newborn in a studio setting was simply contradictory to way I liked to work. Second, it was just SO HARD for my clients to pack up their brand new newborn, sometimes in the dead of winter, just ten days after giving birth. Any mom can tell you how hard it is to pack and travel with a newborn, especially when you are a first time mom, and especially when the weather is not so great. So I decided that I needed to approach these sessions a little differently, both for the convenience of my clients, as well as the need to stay true to my style as a photographer. 

With our Lifestyle Newborn Sessions, I (Danielle) will photograph you and your family in the comfort of your own home, where you actually care for and nurture your baby everyday. There are no posed photographs. I do not bring “props” unless you would like to provide them yourself. The goal is to provide you and your family with timeless, documentary style photography that is a true reflection of your day-to-day lives together. 

If you are interested in one of our Lifestyle Newborn Sessions, please plan ahead. Sessions should be “Penciled-in” for your due date at least 2 months prior to your due date, and sessions should be held within the first ten days of birth.

Interested in seeing what a Lifestyle Newborn Session looks like? Click the link below.


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