RI Newborn Session | Baby Rosalie | 05.07.15

Megan and Billy were one of the first weddings of my first ever year in business, and since their wedding day, I have had the honor and privilege of photographing many many of their beautiful family milestones.  Recently Megan gave birth to a baby girl, Rosalie.  She was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 also known as Edwards syndrome shortly after birth.  While Edwards syndrome can be a devastating diagnosis, Rosalie has so far beat all of the odds and shown amazing strength and improvement since her birth.  Megan and her family are focusing on being positive and strong for their Rosalie and their hope is that Rosalie will be the little girl who beats all of the odds.  Megan is in the process of growing her home business so that she can stay home with her family so please take a look at her business website www.thelovelylash.org and spread the word!  You can show your support by helping Megan grow her business!  And as a side note, Miss Rosalie is just so beautiful, and I enjoyed so much, photographing and spending time with her and her family!

You can follow Rosalie's Journey here: https://www.facebook.com/rosaliejacquelinepare

"Danielle has truly traveled with our family! We met in Wickford six years ago for our engagement photos. She captured our wedding soon after. My daughter's newborn shots were beautiful five years ago, and a family session last year was simply gorgeous. When I learned my third baby had some growth issues and may come early, I contacted Danielle to set up a newborn session for after she was born. I scheduled it later so she'd have time to grow. Happily I was able to carry full term and all seemed well! I was induced late March and as baby did not tolerate contractions so I had an emergency C-Section. Out she came! And.... No cry. "Slow to start" they called out. They called my husband over to take a picture, and I hated the way they said it. Like get it while you can. Then I heard Billy say she's making small sounds! She was 4 pounds 12 ounces. Neonatologist immediately said something about a "small chin" and I thought that was a little rude. Why are they commenting about her chin?

Long story short, it was determined after genetic tests that Rosalie has trisomy 18, or Edwards Syndrome. It's a devastating diagnosis, one that used to mean a death sentence within days. Our sweet girl made it through about 30 ultrasounds before birth without anyone knowing. Why? Because this terrible condition didn't quite do what it's supposed to to her body. She breathes. She eats. She's strong. Her heart is totally repairable. She's amazing. She will be the 1% that lives. Now Danielle has followed our family into some darkness and captured the light of our lives, Rosalie.

Now our whole lives will change! I need to be home with her and care for her and cherish her. Thankfully I had built my Younique business to the point that I can still contribute to our family! I always tell people who would like to help in any way that if they purchase some fun, high-quality makeup they contribute immensely! Contact me if you'd like to set up a consult or need some some fun 3D mascara or lip colors for summer! www.thelovelylash.org

Thank you for reading our story!!" - Megan