I’m going to be posting some non-photography things on the blog going forward - I thought I’d mix it up a little - so here we go! As many of you know I follow a pretty strict plant-based diet, and unfortunately wedding season for me, means that I’m not my healthiest self (aka working 8 -10 hour days on nothing but a peanut butter sandwich). So, I REALLY need to get back on track. I’ve also been feeling pretty tired and worn out lately, so in case you were looking for dessert (or a pick-me-up snack) - Banana, peanut butter, rolled oats smoothie with a sprinkle of dairy-free chocolate chips. Lot’s of healthy fats and protein … and you can thank me later!

- 2 frozen bananas - 1 cup rolled oats
- 2-3 tbsp of peanut butter
- 1 cup Almond milk or ice
- 1 tbsp flax seed (optional)
- 1 tbsp chia seeds (optional)
- sprinkle with dairy-free chocolate chips (optional)

2017-12-28 08.50.06-1.jpg