Jon & Kayla . 11.11.11 . Wannamoisett Country Club Wedding

Kayla & Jon's Awesome Vendors:

We have spent three years saving for our wedding so we could have the wedding we wanted! It has been worth it. Every little thing that came in my head was so carefully picked to make sure it was perfect. I really wanted a vintage, romantic theme, and the romantic part came together very well, the vintage half of that, not so much! There are still vintage things here and there which I think is great because it is not so overdone! I really wanted unique as well, and we were able to carry that out in our invitations and the chocolate table numbers! Our invitations were a search of love, I spent countless hours searching for the right one. I was very adamant first about making our invitations ourselves but I just couldn't find what I needed to execute it. That is when I turned to Etsy and stumbled upon Medley Invitations, it was love at first sight. They were just so perfect and unlike anything I've ever seen. Our wish for the wedding is for our guests to not only see and feel the love we have for each other, but all the love and creativity we put to make this day happen. - Jon & Kayla

Handmade Touches:

  • There were a few handmade items. We made our own fabric covered magnet board, magnets and the cards for our seating chart!
  • Our chocolate table numbers!
  • The cookies that were part of the cookie buffet were all home made with the exception of one kind.
  • There were two sets of rosary beads wrapped around the brides bouquet. The pink beaded rosary beads belonged to the bride's Grandmother who had passed.  The silver rosary beads are from the bride's Grandmother who lives in Portugal and who could not make it to the wedding.
  • The guestbook! It was a 12" vinyl Elvis Presley record! I bought it because it had our wedding song on it.
  • The Fry and Leela action figures on our cake table! We both love Futurama and it was a surprise to Jon! I had to incorporate it somewhere!