Kate's Glamour Portrait Session | Lefebvre Photo

Let's talk about transformation.  Transformation is far more than just pretty hair and makeup... transformation has to come from within, and it's why I feel so passionate about our Glamour sessions.  I've worked with hundreds of women over the years in both my wedding and portrait business, and EVERY single woman no matter her age, size, shape has had something that they feel self-conscience about.  These sessions are about celebrating who we are TODAY, in THIS moment, and embracing everything that makes us beautiful and unique - It's about EXISTING in photograph and transforming the way we feel about ourselves and see ourselves.

Schedule a solo shoot or a fun girls day out with your mom, best friends or siblings! All sessions come complete with professional hair and makeup, styling, and a portrait session tailored and customized to YOUR vision. 

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"I received the photos today, and let me say - WOW! Thank you so much, Danielle! You are one talented photographer.  This shoot was so much fun, and honestly, it was good therapy!

Currently at my heaviest weight (thanks, Charlie!), I'm still working to loose those stubborn baby lbs. and I often feel pretty blah about it.  However, after working with Danielle that day, and now, seeing these photos, it was such a confidence boost! This is hard to write, but I'm glad I am. To all the mommas out there - whether your baby is 1 day old or 40 years young, remember - we have strong, amazing, beautiful bodies! Thank you, Danielle for the amazing pics, the great confidence boost, and reminder that beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes." - Kate