Kirkbrae Country Club Wedding | Greg & Jillian | Lefebvre Photo

The Vendors


"We met 6 1/2 years ago in a business class that we took in college. It all started out with an orange lollipop. The professor had everyone pick a color lollipop out of a bag. From there, we had to sit with our peers who picked the same color as we did. We both coincidentally picked an orange lollipop. The groups were formed for group discussions. That’s when we both first spoke to each other. A few classes afterwards, we had to form groups to work on a group project together for the rest of the semester. Greg had asked me if he could join my group. I of course said yes! We’ve been together ever since. We chose to have bride and groom cake pops as our wedding favors to symbolize how we first met." - Jillian & Greg