Marvin & Johanna . 09.21.12 . Hotel Providence Wedding

"Planning a wedding of any scale can be a daunting undertaking for anyone: but for someone who has never dreamt of her wedding day, it was beyond overwhelming. Thankfully after many hours of online researching, email inquiries and meeting vendors, I was able to find the perfect combination of afordable and classic wedding vendors for my intimate wedding in September. The Hotel Providence was the perfect venue considering the location, distance of travel and scenery for my wedding. Working with Rhonda English on things from budget to decorating my location space has been the most fun I have had planning this wedding. When it came to photographers, I came across Daniell Lefebvre photos and instantly fell in love with the vibrant colors and fun everyone looked like they were having in each shot. The number one thing I was looking for in hiring a photographer aside from afordability, was in ensuring that my fiance (the ultimate "no pictures please" person) would feel comfortable and at ease. When we met Danielle and her team and talked about our love for Shih Tzu's, we knew we found our photographer. Overall wedding planning isn't easy, but can be done with research, patience, and a little luck when your vendors rock!"