Oceancliff Hotel Wedding | Burak & Tamber | 07.23.15

"Burak and I first met @ The Sundy House in Delray Beach, Florida. After our chance encounter we both felt that we might finally have found "the one." Many dates later, Burak took me to Istanbul, Turkey to offically meet his family. I loved experiencing the Turkish culture and meeting his family. Although they don't speak much English, we were able to find other ways to communicate besides speech. Instead we used gestures, drawing and did require some translation from Burak. I felt like I had found my other family. My parents adore him and feel like they finally got the son they never had (even before we got engaged).  Burak enjoys riding his horse, Cyrus and on weekends we would both go to the barn. On one Sunday afternoon, Burak proposed to me at the barn-he looped the ring into Cyrus' mane and asked me to find it. It was such a surprise and I've been so happy ever since.  We had started to make wedding arrangements for January 2016 in Miami, FL; however, we received news that my mom, who had been in remission from cancer, had a recurrence and was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic disease. The oncologist informed me that the wedding needed to be moved and that my mother wouldn't be able to travel to FL for the wedding. Burak was so supportive and understanding that we moved the wedding up 6 months to Rhode Island.  Our wedding was a mix of a traditional American wedding with some Turkish accents. His mother went to the Grand Baazar in Istanbul and purchased evil eye magnets as favors to our guests for good luck. She also brought lokum or Turkish Delights with their own platter for each guest as well. We are just so happy to have shared this wonderful occasion with our close family and friends." - Tamber


  • Cake | Kennedy Confections
  • Officiant | Danna Spencer
  • Florist | Laurie Marshall Flowers
  • Venue | Oceancliff
  • Entertainment & Lighting | Mike Amado Entertainment Specialists
  • Linens & Rentals | Rentals Unlimited
  • Hair & Makeup | Valerie Raposo / Melissa Gorman
  • Bridal/Men's Formal Shop | Men's warehouse & brides dress is her mother's