Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

How is Lefebvre pronounced?


Will you (Danielle) be my lead photographer for the day?  Who are your second photographers?

I (Danielle) photograph every wedding as a lead photographer. A second shooter (if hired) will give you a variety of different angles and perspectives and allows us to be in two places at once! All of our second photographers are extremely talented and accomplished photographers. I will assign a photographer based on the best fit for your wedding.  In addition, I will often bring along my assistant who helps carry gear and organize family portraits.

Where is your studio located?

Cumberland, RI.  If you would like to meet with us, please contact us to setup a consultation.

If you haven't worked at our venue yet will you do a venue visit?

It's not always necessary for us to visit a venue that we haven't worked at yet.  With over a decade of professional wedding photography experience, we've worked in every lighting and space scenario possible, and we can adapt with ease to any situation.  If this is something that you are concerned about, we are happy to discuss meeting at your venue on a date we will likely be in the area. 

Do you work well with outside videographers?

We'd like to think we work well with everyone (we are pretty easy-going)... but we particularly work well with experienced professionals.  If you are looking for a list of experienced, professional videographers (or other vendors), please contact me.

Do you like to use artificial light setups or do you prefer working with natural light?

We are primarily natural light photographers and will typically shoot without a flash whenever possible. For certain creative portraits and for reception lighting, we will often use additional lighting and off-camera flash.

Do you shoot in color or black and white? If you shoot in color, do you edit in black and white or other special filters?

We shoot all of our photographs in color which allows us to convert any of the photographs to black and white. We tend to steer clear of special vintage filters or effects, as we want your photographs to remain timeless.

Will you take Family Formals?

We are firm believers in family portraits. We will work with you before the wedding to create a full list of requested family portraits to ensure we document all important family members and friends.

What does your photography timeline usually look like?

I recommend the following timeline to get the most out of your wedding day photography.    

  • Groom Preparation: 60 minutes (or less)

  • Bride Preparation: 90 minutes

  • First Look: 15 minutes

  • Family Portraits: 30 minutes

  • Bride & Groom Portraits: 30 minutes (or more)

  • Want to attend part of your cocktail hour?: Consider an extended cocktail (about 15-30 minutes).

  • Detail shots of your room setup BEFORE guests are allowed to enter: 10 minutes

  • Sunset Portraits (optional): 10-15 minutes

We are both really awkward in front of the camera and both are really nervous about having our photos taken on the wedding day. Do you have any suggestions for how we might prepare?

I get this question quite often. I focus on portraits that are less posed and more about your natural interactions with one another.  I will always give direction as needed, but prefer to keep your portraits from feeling forced or awkward. In addition to that, I also require that no guests or family members are present during your Bride and Groom portraits. While it may seem like a good idea to have a support system with you, it can actually be quite distracting for you and even make you feel more self-conscience in front of the camera.

What is a first look?  What are the pros and cons to doing one?

A lot of our couples are on the fence about doing a first look and that is totally understandable. You want that first moment of seeing each other to be special, and that always means different things for different people. So what is a first look? A first look is a private moment/meeting between the couple before the wedding ceremony takes place. For starters, it helps with pre-wedding jitters. The experience of seeing each other for the first time is done alone and in private as opposed to in front of all of your guests. The other major benefit to doing a first look, is you then have the option of doing all of your family portraits before the ceremony. This not only ensures that your wedding party is attentive but also ensures that their makeup, hair and attire are still fresh and looking neat. You can then either take additional Bride/Groom or couple portraits after the ceremony, or attend your cocktail hour. Getting your portraits done early, will free up the rest of the evening for partying and spending time with your guests! There are also some cons to doing a first look. First, you are deciding to forego one of the more traditional aspects of a wedding day (which may or may not bother you). Second, when you do a First Look, often your portraits are taken earlier in the afternoon or morning which means that you aren't necessarily taking advantage of the best lighting possible for photography. If you are still on the fence and want to know what the best option is for you and your wedding day timeline, send me a note and I will be happy to help.  All that said, I don't like to convince my clients either way, as I feel it is a very personal decision and really depends on your personality as a couple.

Our wedding day timeline is still being determined. Do you have any suggestions for our timeline to take advantage of the best lighting possible for photography?

The best timing for your portraits is 1 hour to 1-1/2 hours before sundown, often referred to by photographers as the "golden hour".  Your ceremony (if outdoors) should take place 2-3 hours before sundown to ensure softer, more even lighting for your photographs.

How do you feel about reception or DJ lighting? Does it help or hurt the photography?

I don't have anything against lighting that adds to the overall ambiance of the event. In fact, most well-designed lighting can actually add to the photography in a positive way. Something you will want to avoid is having the light directly cast on you at any time during the wedding (spotlights). For example, if there is a blue spotlight casting down on you from overhead while you are cutting your cake.  You have probably also seen various types of "disco" lights or "changing-light" setups. These types of lights are okay during guest dancing, but you should ask your DJ to turn these off during all of the important wedding highlights (First Dance, Parent Dances, Cake Cutting, etc.)

Professional Standards & Contract Terms

How many years have you been in business?

Nine years.

What do you wear to a wedding?

We are always professionally dressed, wearing either all black or muted colors to blend in.

Do you book more than one wedding a day?

No. We only book one wedding event per day.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, of course!

Can I see a copy of your contract?

Yes, of course!

Can you provide client references?

Our clients often take the time to write very thorough reviews of our services online and we have close to 100 total reviews.  Please check out,, Yelp & Google + to read real client testimonials.

Can we see a full wedding from start to finish from our venue?

We always have recent weddings on hand (from the last two years) available for viewing.  Full wedding galleries, with the permission of our clients, may be viewed in our studio.

What happens if I cancel my wedding?  Do I get a refund?

No. We turn down any other inquiries for your wedding date once we receive your deposit and signed contract and therefore can not offer any refunds. Please ask to see a copy of our contract for full payment and reimbursement details.

What kind of equipment do you use?  Do you shoot in film or digital or both?  Do you have backup equipment?

We use professional digital Canon cameras and lenses and we carry multiple backups of all of our equipment.

Do travel fees apply?

For events eight hours or more, we will travel to CT, MA, or RI without a travel fee.  Exclusions include intimate event coverage, locations requiring car ferry service or destinations such as Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard or Block Island.  Please inquire for destination wedding collections.  Multi-day events such as South Asian weddings may require hotel stay.

What happens If you become ill?

In the unfortunate event that I am so severely ill that I can't shoot your wedding, we have a team of professional photographers who work for us and a wonderful network of industry peers who will gladly fill-in!

What rights do we have to our images?

Your print release allows you to print and share online as you like.  We kindly ask for a photographer shout-out whenever you post online :)

Are you able to stay for additional hours at our request on the day of the wedding?

Yes, absolutely.  Additional hours are available at our hourly rate (billed after the event and due before final photos are delivered).

How do we reserve our date?

The deposit to reserve your event date is $1000, due at the time of booking along with a signed contract.  Contracts must be signed by the couple.  50% of your total balance is due six months prior to your event and the remaining balance is due 14 days prior to your event.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All Major Credit Cards, Check or Money Order.

Do you require meals for all of your photographers?

We kindly request that meals are provided for each of the photographers present at your wedding reception.

Do any of your photographers have dietary restrictions?

My second photographers kindly request a non-seafood meal, and Danielle kindly requests a vegan meal (no meat, dairy, butter or fish).  If for any reason the venue can not accommodate our dietary needs, please let us know so that we can plan ahead :) 


Do you edit and color correct the photos you deliver? All of them? Do you batch process or does each photo get individual care?

We pride ourselves on the time and care we put into editing your images. Every image is carefully edited uniquely and individually.  Our editing process includes curation, color correction, cropping, straightening, light skin retouching, etc. You will receive high resolution JPEG's of your images.

Do you provide digital or physical proofs of my photos?

We provide digital proofs via our digital proofing website. This allows all of your guests and family to view your images and purchase prints if they would like.  Printed proofs are available for purchase as well.

How long after the event will my albums and products be ready?

Album timelines are variable as it depends on when you select your album images, how quickly the proofing process goes and how quickly you approve your album design. Products are ordered within a few business days of your request.  Once albums and products are printed and ready, shipping can take a couple of business day.

How do you deliver the edited photos?

We will deliver your photos via digital download

What is your turnaround on edited photos?

8-12 weeks is my typical turnaround time on edited photos.  I take extreme care in making sure that each photo is individually and custom edited.

How many edited photos will I receive?

The amount of edited photos that I deliver really varies per wedding as each wedding is different and unique!  We typically average around 50-100 edited photos per hour of coverage.