Santia & Nikki

“Oh my goodness! Where do I begin?! When it came time to capture some new precious moments between my baby daughter and myself, I knew Danielle would not let me down. She has always been professional, accommodating, warm and easy-going, which makes you feel comfortable and at home. I had no doubt that my experience with Danielle would be a great memory.

The photo shoot process was quite possibly one of the most enjoyable experiences of my whole summer. I was pampered with hair and makeup and photographed smiling and giggling with my baby. It was a beautiful feeling – an overdue feeling. It had been months since I felt pretty – and Danielle gave me the opportunity to feel like a queen with my little princess. As a mother, Danielle knew when I and/or my little one needed a break. She was patient, kind and supportive.

Danielle – Thank you for giving Nikki and I such a wonderful memory! I will forever cherish our photos! I can’t wait for next year’s shoot!”