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Delancey NL

Designer NL - Patterned non-leather

Madison NL - Premium non-leather

Silk Shantung

Stanton NL - premium non-leather


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Full name
Please select the size album you have purchased with us, along with the orientation that you would like (horizontal or vertical).
Our albums design layouts are simple, modern and clean with white and/or black backgrounds (unless noted otherwise). Please note your design preferences below
Using the left column, please select the cover material you would like for your album. Click on each individual thumbnail to reveal the name of the swatch. Unless previously purchased, the following cover materials are an upgrade: Chelsea Leather, Tribeca Leather and Gramercy Leather
Please indicate the exact text or monogram you would like printed on your album cover (you are allowed up two lines of cover text)
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In the left column, you will see our "Cover Design" options. Please make your selection here. Please note that unless previously purchased, Acrylic & Metal covers are an upgrade option.
Please indicate the number of the cover image you would like for the cover of your album. Please use the image numbers as indicated on your proofing gallery and make sure your cover image is included in your favorites folder that you sent to me
If you have selected more than the recommended amount of images, and you would like us to upgrade the amount of album spreads to include more images. One spread can hold roughly 4-12 additional images